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Posha the Rescued Dog Makes Reading Fun!

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Why Us
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Posha Knows She Is A Rescued Dog.

She knows she is very happy, loves her dog-mommy, and has funny front paws that turn out like a ballet dancer's feet. But everyone she meets still wants to know what kind of dog she is. By following Posha's journey of self-discovery, children will learn the valuable life lessons of how they can find their own true identity and build self-esteem. 

"What Kind Of Dog Am I? Has Been Named Among The Best In Family-

Friendly, Products And Services By The Mom's Choice Awards."  

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Interactive and Intuitive

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High-Quality Content

How It Works

How Children Can Benefit
From Our Story

Our mission is to inspire children to value themselves and love themselves just like Posha does.

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Schedule an Author Visit

Students will get to learn about Posha, a fun-loving rescued dog on a journey of self-discovery.

To schedule an in-person school author visit go to

Kathleen DiMario

Child Psychology Professor, Ocean County College

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Learn More About Posha!

Posha is a rescued dog. Her first memory is lying under, Kelly, her future dog-mommy’s
feet in a house in Philadelphia where breeders of pedigree dogs dumped non-pedigree
puppies. Kelly found Posha on the internet and the person who owned the house told
Kelly she had to come and rescue her that day or she would be gone.


Posha knew no one loved her in that home,
and she fell in love with Kelly right away. She hoped Kelly would love her also and “rescue” her from this house. It worked. Next thing Posha knew she was lying on Kelly’s lap in the car on her way to their new “furever home.”


Posha is a happy, beautiful, fun-loving and playful dog. She loves herself, her mommy, her friends at the dog park and playing with her dog-sister Nikkers.


She is so unique and doesn’t look like any other dogs. That’s why people always want to know what kind of dog she is. Posha spreads sunshine wherever she goes. She makes
everyone who meets her happy.

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Everybody Loves Posha!

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"Kathleen...The work that you do is commendable and admirable. Thank you for being the hero to hundreds of children who read it."

Lin-Manual Miranda,  Pulitzer Prize, Tony and Grammy winning author and composer of "Hamilton"

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